Best Solar Phone Chargers

Along with the ever-ascending popularity of solar chargers, new technologies that provide better durability and functionalities have penetrated the market. There are quite a few things that make this alternative a sustainable choice.

First of all, setting the narrative is essential. Solar phone chargers are designed for exceptional conditions, not daily use. For instance, whether you’re an avid hiker or love camping from time to time, solar 4 Patriot power cells are a great asset to have around, especially when every electric appliance shuts down.

To help you out with the research, we’ve compiled a list of the most reputable solar charger models on the market with review and price range.

Our top picks for solar phone chargers

1. Hiluckey 25000 mAh solar phone charger ($$)

One thing no one expects from solar chargers is a rapid performance. However, Hiluckey exceeded our hopes and charges 4 times faster than usual solar power banks. The device features a dual USB port so that you save the time you would lose by charging one gadget at a time. You can add the Hiluckey solar phone charger to your bucket list if you have an iPhone, iPad, Kindle, or a Samsung.

2. 4 Patriot Power Cell 8000 mAh ($)

4Patriots sells an easily portable phone charger due to the pocket-size design. There’s no difficulty in taking the power bank wherever you’re heading, especially when the destination is off the beaten track. The lithium-ion battery is water-resistant and provides compatibility with all iPhones and Android tablets and smartphones. Coated with rubber, the device will outstand extreme weather conditions and even shocks due to falls.

3. Beartwo compact solar battery ($)

While the Beartwo solar battery is highly portable, it still performs an efficient job at powering your device. Since the device can uphold up to two phones to charge, you won’t have to wait double to have your gadgets charged. A fine design adds up to the functionalities Beartwo provides. In this manner, the model displays a built-in mini Led flashlight for emergency use.

4. Neckteck Portable Solar Panel Charger ($$)

Featuring three integrated solar panels, Neckteck charger is designed to deliver the ultimate performance on your device’s battery. The model supports any sort of device that has a USB port. With an ultralight finish, Neckteck can accompany you wherever you’re planning to hike or camp. Maybe the highlight of this device is the SmartIC technology, which entails intelligent recognition of your device and maximization of the charging speed.

Advantages vs. Disadvantages of solar phone chargers


  • Portability
    Central to its recognition, the solar power cells amaze us through their ingenious function integrated into a compact, easy to carry around device.
  • Weather-resistance
    Solar power cells prove more durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions and environments.
  • Cost-effective
    We consider a solar power cell a fruitful investment since the device depends only on the will of nature to provide sunlight.


  • Slow charging
    Intuitively, charging your phone with energy from the sun is a long-lasting action. While some models can take even up to a week to perform their job, newer models have technology upgrades that ensure quicker action.
  • Dependent on the sunlight
    Just as inherent as the slow charging, this amendment is implied to the constitution of the device.

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